Another 40 before 40 Update… 1.5 years left – yikes!

As in the past, I wanted to revisit and see what progress, if any, I’d made on this list more than a full second year later. Turns out I’ve made some progress, but not a lot! There are some changes afoot that make some of these goals pretty much obsolete. (Bold comments are from November 2013. New comments in bold italics.) Hope to update by the end of 2015 and anticipate being able to cross off a number of these items!

  1. Run a 5k (despite not liking to run) – I walked one, but didn’t run it, so that doesn’t count. I am working toward running one in April or June – busy with getting a friend to go with me… but will do June on my own if need be!
  2. Lower my blood pressure – it is lower, but still prehypertensive, so there is still progress left to make. Had some other cardiovascular crazy this past year, but BP is finally down… without meds!
  3. Cook/Bake at least half of the recipes I have pinned on Pinterest (time is actually working against me here – I pin three in the time it takes me to get around to trying one)
  4. Save at least 1/3 of the money for our trip in 2021 (RTW, here we come!)
  5. Go skiing down an actual, snowy hill
  6. Take a landscape/travel photo that I am proud to enlarge and hang in my downstairs Done! More than one!
  7. Finish our bedroom: paint and put up nice curtains Will have to happen… expect to put our house for sale in 2015.
  8. Read more than 10 books in one year (dear lord, this one makes me so sad – I feel like it should say “100″ to be a challenge, but alas, this is where I am right now in my life) – thank you book club! My goal this year is 50 – read 48 in 2014.
  9. Make scrap books of the kids’ art and photos from preschool (1 each?)
  10. Ride my bike up the hill (Country Trail)
  11. Go camping (tent) with the kids – multiple times – our new default vacation! Still doing this – FL and SC in the past year!
  12. Paint the kids’ bathroom and frame the mirror Not going to happen due to likelihood of moving.
  13. Wear a two-piece swimsuit in public and not be mortified
  14. Find a pillow I actually like, then buy a spare one for when it wears out
  15. Organize the linen closet so that it is possible to find and extract exactly what is desired without avalanches and/or cussing Done!
  16. Hang a real window treatment in our bathroom Done!
  17. Deal with the “sad garden” in the backyard and make it pretty again Done!
  18. Make my own vanilla extract instead of buying it
  19. Yardsale/CraigsList/Consign/eBay/Donate the baby items in the garage and the unused “stuff” in the bonus room closet I’ve made considerable progress with this and what little is left will be covered in a moving sale, I believe… I’m calling it done!
  20. Visit Savannah, GA
  21. Plant those evergreens we planned to put in the back yard (all 3 of ‘em) Not going to happen due to likelihood of moving.
  22. Throw a birthday party (for my kid) in my own home
  23. Return to yoga and be able to do a headstand Returned to yoga… still working on the headstand
  24. Roll-over my old 401k into an IRA and add to the balance
  25. Paint the porch pole and put up our house numbers This will have to happen before we can put the house for sale
  26. Take the kids to DC to visit the awesome museums there Done!
  27. Keep a houseplant alive for more than 6 months (better get going!)
  28. Set up chores for the kids and get us all to stick to them
  29. Put up crown moldings or wainscoting in one room where we planned to Not going to happen due to likelihood of moving.
  30. Go on a mom and daughter overnight
  31. Go on a mom and son overnight
  32. Volunteer at the kids’ schools/in their classrooms
  33. Volunteer, give back, spread kindness in some capacity (outside of my kids’ schools/classrooms)
  34. Sell something I made – a creative/artistic something
  35. Practice patience – improve I have. I am much better. MUCH. I will continue to practice, but I am officially crossing this off – I have improved!
  36. Reduce my “plugged in” time to <15 hours a week (not including work)
  37. Go to the Outer Banks again
  38. Resolve the no-sidewalk issue in front of the house Not going to happen due to likelihood of moving.
  39. Try a food I’ve never tried
  40. Plan a fantastic 40th Birthday day to remember!
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