Meal Planning that Works (for me)! Part three: A week of meals!

This is the third and final post in my Meal Planning that Works series.

If you missed either of the first two you can see them by going here for the first one (the intro) and here for the second one (the how-to).

So, here it is – the example meal plan. This is a week I’ve recently done (as in shopped for, cooked for my family, and ate). With the exception of one recipe, which is my adaptation of a favorite from a cookbook, these are all recipes that I “just cook” – an amalgamation of random recipes I’ve read or seen on TV and my own tweaks. I don’t generally refer to a recipe when making these dishes, but rather, I just cook, and I make adjustments on the fly. They are almost never the same twice. Writing down the “recipe” is an interesting process for me, as I don’t really think in terms of measurements when making these dishes. I hope you feel free to riff on these recipes and make them your own, too!

MamaNut Meal Planning that Works - Menu

MamaNut Meal Planning that Works – Menu

As mentioned in the “how-to” post, I recommend getting a three-ring binder and some clear protector sheets, printing out the menu, recipes, and shopping list, and sliding them into the protector sheets. If you want, make several copies of the shopping list to keep in the binder for future weeks when you would like to use this week again (or just print them as needed).

Click below to download the Menu, Shopping list, and Recipes:
MamaNut Meal Planning that Works

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