Owl Dress

Holy crow! I haven’t posted in for.ev.er. As usual, fall is kicking my butt. However, I am handling dinners better this fall than last (post forthcoming on that one) and I’m feeling more organized for my daughter’s birthday this year than last (phew!) and we are definitely mixing fun in with all the crazy-busy this time around (yay!). Plus, I’m in love with the weather in Raleigh this time of year!

Last year I bought three kind of plain dresses off the clearance rack at (where else?) Target for my girly-swirly. They were intended for this year or next (as I bought sizes up from where she was). I do this a lot. I like getting a dress for $3.74 because I know she is only going to wear the heck out of it and for under $4, I feel less stressed when I pick her up from preschool and she’s covered in glop from whatever project they did that day.

Dresses, screaming for pizzazzery

Dresses, screaming for pizzazzery


But, I bought these dresses with a very specific idea in mind, beyond the zen-mommy-esque-ness they’d inspire for a split second. They were so plain, I just couldn’t wait to spiffy them up with some kind of pizzazzery. (Oh yes, when I get overly busy, I tend to also get creative with my verbiage.)

Dress with owl and stars

Dress with owl and stars – it’s hard to see the stitching that adds texture on the branch, leaves, owl, and wings, but it’s there!

I’ve only managed to make one of the three all purdy so far – the blue one just spoke to me – it said, “put an owl on me.” So I did. What was involved? Felt, embroidery thread, and glitter star buttons (picked up on one of my clearance bin dives at Michael’s for under a buck), also several needle-pricks were added, as I apparently like to stab myself while attempting embroidery-like stitching. I googled “owl” and looked at some images of owls then just free-handed cutting out an owl-shaped piece of felt and some wings. I put a bit of an old (woven) cotton shirt on the underside of the dress to keep the stitching on the felt and the buttons from pulling through on the jersey knit dress.

Decked out in her owl dress.

Decked out in her owl dress.

My little lovely enjoyed wearing it to preschool this week… and it survived the wash afterward, so I’m pleased!

Now I just have two more dresses to go!

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