Toddler Room Updated

My son finally graduated to a ‘big boy bed’ about a month ago. Today we finally got around to the transformation of his nursery into his ‘big boy room.’ I’ve been pinning (on pinterest, of course) ideas since last summer (yes, really). Here’s the before:

Toddler Room "Before"

Toddler Room “Before”

Another look at the "before"

Another look at the “before”

I love outdoor-inspired spaces. When my daughter got her ‘big girl room’ almost three years ago, we chose a garden inspiration for her space – flowers, butterflies, leaves, and walls the color of clear, blue skies. For my son’s room, we didn’t really want to change the light green wall color (pure laziness, I’ll admit), so we didn’t fight it and decided on a camping inspiration.

Camping inspired toddler room: "after"

Camping inspired toddler room: “after”

We chose a large photo mural as the main way to create the camping feel (yes, it’s what you think – channeling the 70s!). By the way, if you choose to put up a wallpaper mural, skip the powdered paste that comes with it – it does not actually work very well – and buy a tub of Roman’s Pro 880. It seriously took longer to stick up the first 2 panels with the rubbish that came with it than to do the other 6 using the good paste. Plus, we were crazy stressed with the first two and the rest was  relatively stress-free.

Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall mural of woods

Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall mural of woods

Since the mural was too tall for our room (9 ft high, but we have 8 ft ceilings), we had to trim it. Mostly we trimmed the top, since cutting off the ground just seemed a bit odd (trees growing out of nowhere). The mural is also too short, width-wise, for our room (12.5 ft for a 13 ft room). To resolve this, we centered the mural when we put it up and added two 3.25 inch bull-nose moldings (they’re meant to be base boards, I believe), which we painted the same color as our son’s furniture. We used Rustoleum’s Designer Color Spray Paint in Espresso – it matches the wood finish of the bed very nicely.

Camping bedroom - the tent, campfire, chair, and log pillows!

Camping bedroom – the tent, campfire, chair, and log pillows!


Since he’s two, we added dinosaur bedding (yes, we relaxed the camping idea so that we could put the bedding he wanted in there – why not find some dinos in his own personal camping fantasy?) – the bedding is from Target. We also picked up the coordinating curtains (not yet hung) and a dino night light while we were in the aisle. In addition, his room features an outdoor chair (picked up during the summer clearance for less than $5), a Little Tikes tent set with light-up fire, a Coleman LED mini-lantern, and very cool log pillows (also from Target – these came from the section for kitting out dorm rooms). We’re so pleased with how it all turned out.

Playing in the tent

Playing in the tent

We’ve still got a few more details to see to, specifically the curtains, but my son seems to be super-happy with his “woods” as he calls it. Downside: it took 1.5 hours for him to finally make his way to the land of nod this evening, as he was too busy camping out to sleep.

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