Staycation debrief

What a fantastic three days we had! I’m so grateful for the break we got. I felt so relaxed and we had loads of fun. What did we get up to?

We ate in restaurants (no cooking for me) a LOT. We went to a favorite diner we rarely get to because it’s a ways away and is crowded on weekends (Elmo’s in Durham) and another diner that was new to us, but a favorite in our town (Big Ed’s City Market in Raleigh). And that was just breakfasts. We also hit a favorite sandwich shop that isn’t popular with our kids and a sushi place and then we used a groupon for a nice dinner in Midtown (it was ‘parent night out’ at our kids’ daycare on Friday, so we got to treat ourselves to a grown-up dinner while the kids had a pajama pizza party – win-win!).

We shopped. Shopping without kids is a whole different experience. With the kids, shopping is an exercise in efficiency, requiring both strategic planning and tactical response when things don’t go to plan (which is every. single. outing). Kids make taking even one singular item of clothing into a fitting room a massive “double dare you to throw a tantrum” move. Browsing is impossible. But without them? Yes, I can finally get those new sneakers I’ve been counting on (and actually try on more than one pair to figure out which ones I truly would like/fit me). We hit the Tanger Outlets just west of the Triangle area (I have new sneakers!) and the Charlotte IKEA (which was actually more remarkable because we did it spur-of-the-moment when it turned out we were getting rained-out on our finally day of staycation).

We lounged and played. We went to the movies (Batman) one afternoon, which was pretty cool, as we do not get to see films in the theater often. We spent one morning playing tennis (I am still paying for that one – hello arm and shoulder muscle-buds which are apparently underused, even in my work-outs) and followed up with a dip in the community pool (which we had to ourselves for nearly the entire hour and a half!). Another afternoon, we went off to a local vineyard for a wine tasting – yum! And we hung out in a bookstore, sipping coffee and browsing not-in-the-kids-section.

And that isn’t everything (although it’s a lot to fit into 3 days!)… we actually talked to each other… about non-work, non-household chore, non-kid things. Novel idea, right?

Both of us agreed that the staycation was an unmitigated success in that we did things we rarely do or stuff that was brand new to us. And we both felt relaxed and happy.

You might wonder if there’s anything we wished we did but didn’t. Yep. Wish we could have made it to the beach for the day, but the weather did not cooperate. And I wish I’d found time to work on my photography, but we were too busy doing fun stuff, so that’s OK too!

I will say that, like most vacations, it was too short; unlike most vacations, however, we are not faced with enormous piles of laundry or unpacking to do this weekend. Sweet!

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