Healthy Helps: My Top 12 List

Recently, I blogged about staying motivated (you can read that here).

Motivation has been a real focus of mine these past weeks and I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs and websites for healthy inspiration – some I’ve been following for a long time (even during that time when I was more of a “mental” exerciser – i.e. thinking about moving more than actually doing it) and some are new to me, too.

Want to get moving?

Have you visited the Fitnessista (1)? She has a great free summer challenge complete with a workout schedule, workout videos, meal ideas and shopping lists. Plus a whole collection of her favorite workouts. (I have a shortcut on my browser to this page and have for at least a year now.)

Some more resources are on the Top 10 Influencers of Online Fitness from ShareCare (the Fitnessista is included with nine others).

Looking to eat better?

I like 100 days of real food (2) for information and inspiration. There are a number of challenges, or mini-pledges, (some as short as 10 days) and all kinds of tips. With back-to-school around the corner for many, the lunchbox ideas might be a great help, too.

Meatless Monday (3) is also a great resource. As is (4) Jamie Oliver’s website (lots of recipes).

Would you like to track your progress and stay accountable? (5) offers a meal-tracker, exercise-tracker, plus some great motivational tools like 7-day challenges, forums and groups.

Livestrong (6) is a fantastic and vast site, as well (although I honestly can get lost in all the resources here, since it is just. so. big.)

Need to feel better and get happy?

For me, The Bloggess (7) is a great place to go for levity.

When I’m looking for crafting inspiration, I head to Prudent Baby (8) or My Own Road (9)(or (10) hit up my Pinterest boards). For DIY ideas, I love The Yellow Cape Cod (11) and IKEAhackers (12).

Bonus: hugs and cuddles from my kids are the epitome of happy. Here’s a little of my happy right here:

My girl – happy and smiling

Walking in the woods with my little guy

What are your favorite resources and healthy helps?

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