Sweetness! Honeycomb candy!

This morning I was perusing some of my favorite blogs while I sipped my coffee. Prudent Baby, one of my most favorite blogs, featured a video recipe/ tutorial straight from Jaime’s new garage studio. I called my kids over to watch with me, because this was a tutorial for honeycomb candy (a.k.a. the middle part of a Crunchie in the UK). It is so quick to make and Jaime’s video shows exactly how to do it. My kids were excited to make it and we headed straight to the kitchen.

Making honey candy

Making the candy – it took only a few minutes!

It was a HUGE hit. The kids loved the foaming and bubbling part. And the tasting part, too, of course.

Honey candy

You absolutely should head over to Prudent Baby and get this recipe!

Crunching on the candy – she is making a strange smile/chomp mouth face – too tasty to stop chewing long enough to smile.

Now, for me, I just need to find some chocolate to dip it in, just like a Crunchie, like Jaime suggested (everything is better in a chocolate coat, right?). Only drawback? Totally counter-productive to eating right!

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2 Responses to Sweetness! Honeycomb candy!

  1. hannah says:

    oh wow! I’m from Canada and now in the US, and totally miss some of the candy I can’t get here…….. such as the Crunchie, Caramilk, Aero…
    I might just have to give this recipe a try and dip it in some good quality chocolate. Yum.

    • dreadedjaws says:

      Definitely worth a try! By the way, if you live near a Whole Foods or a Cost Plus/World Market, you might find some of the candy you mentioned… they’ll likely be insanely expensive, but I’ve found all of those, plus some others we know from England there, like Lion, Double Decker, Milk Buttons, and Yorkie.

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