“Look, ma! No hands!” (or, more accurately, “I made a camera strap cover”)

For some time I had been contemplating the purchase of a DSLR camera (a non-point-and-shoot). The delay on my little camera was obnoxious at times. Beyond that, I’ve been searching, for a while now, for that creative outlet that will really satisfy me. I like doing all my projects, but I have yet to get truly swept up in anything. Remembering fondly some photography classes and projects I’d done when I was young, complete with manual cameras and dark room processing, I thought it might just be an activity I really could get into.

A few days ago, I received the last component for my new (to me) camera. Instead of buying new, I spent less on a better quality used camera and lens. I am very excited to learn how to use it! And, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone (I am far from comfortable with showing my lack of artistic talent in a public forum and I actually am really embarrassed to even carry my new camera because I don’t want anyone to think I believe I’m a good photographer), I have signed up for a photography class in the fall.

In the meantime, I’m taking really awful photos of boring things in my backyard trying to learn the mechanics of my equipment, reading the manual and countless photography forums and tips online, coveting non-ugly camera bags, and making my own camera strap cover.

The uninspiring Canon branded strap that came with the camera was not only kind of itchy, but kind of felt too serious. I guess I kind of think that if my strap is all prettied up, maybe it will help me look less like a wanna-be pro-photog and a little more like a person who just happens to have a nice camera. (Probably, I should get over my freakish self-consciousness as I’m sure no one could care any less about my camera!)

My brand new camera strap cover, done up all DIY-stylee.

I found this tutorial from Skip to my Lou and thought, “hey, I think I can do that.” And I did! It only took  a few minutes and some scraps of fabric I already had. I love it and it’s much more comfortable than the strap is without the  cover. If you want to make a cute and comfortable camera strap cover, check out the absolutely awesome, easy-to-follow tutorial on Skip to my Lou.

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