Mono and me

So, I’d been meaning to keep you updated on my battle with the hill, but since posting originally, I’ve kept mum. Well, that’s because I haven’t really been battling my hill all that much.

Just a little over a week after my original post, I came down with what seemed to be a nasty flu – especially the high fever for two days. It was 90 degrees outside and I could not get warmed up. Literally, I did not turn on the air conditioning when driving in the middle of the day. Heck, I could have been on the surface of the sun and I still would have had a chill. It was ugly.

Ten or so days later I was starting to feel a bit better. Seriously tired, but not disgusting. I had a regular check-up with my Doctor and she said she’d run the test for mononucleosis along with my regular blood workup, as that is what my illness sounded like to her. Gold star for the Doc! She was right. I got a phone call to let me know. Since there’s pretty much zilch you can do about it, it was more of a “just so’s ya knows” kind of thing.

Yummy! – “Infectious Mononucleosis” (Wikipedia)

Of course, I googled it, and other than the suggestion to “take it easy” and “no playing of contact sports” for fear of bursting your spleen (no chance of contact sports participation here), there was not a lot to do. I figured I couldn’t just sit around using this as an excuse, so I got off my duff, worked out, and immediately relapsed. That mono will knock you on your arse! I was absolutely knackered.

And so, the reason I’m posting today, is because it is the very first day since getting ill, forty-six days ago, that I felt I could really bring it in my morning workout. (I kept going over the past six weeks or so, but at a much reduced level – which translates for normal humans as essentially breathing and blinking, but I assure you for me it was doing more than usual and a challenge.) Also, I feel great after working hard this morning! YAY!

And so, I will re-start my hill saga in the very near future. And I will beat it!

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