Rainbow Sparkles!

This post has a tenuous connection with my last one about our new book nook in that it has a (somewhat tangential) connection with a book. My daughter enjoys the kid-adapted chapter books from Target’s dollar spot and we read them at bedtimes. Our current kiddie-tome is “Pollyanna.” In the book Pollyanna’s friend, Mr. Pendleton gives her some crystals from some candlesticks after he shows her that they make rainbows all over the walls and ceiling of the room.

One of our rainbows.

Like many four-year-olds, my daughter thinks rainbows are pretty amazing and beautiful. Heck, I think they’re pretty amazing and beautiful, too.

I was on Amazon.com last week looking for a few items and it struck me that they would likely stock some kind of crystal prism thingy (that’s the technical terminology, in case you were wondering). There is a pretty big selection of crystals, but I chose this one because it was under $5 shipped. It arrived just a few days later.

Our little rainbow-maker hanging in the front window.

Unfortunately, this was not the sunniest of days, but my kids are always intrigued when a package arrives, so I opened it and let them look at the pretty crystal. I strung it up with a ribbon and hung it from the curtain rod in our dining room, which gets a lot of sun in the afternoon. The sun emerged from the clouds long enough to treat us to dozens of tiny rainbows.

Rainbows dancing on the wall.

The kids were beyond excited! They saw rainbows on the wall, the table, the ceiling, and themselves (which was a humongous hit).

Catching a rainbow on her forehead.

I will save the physics lesson about refracted light for a little longer. For now, our dining room is a magical place for the kids… if the sun is shining, that is!

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