First step sewing project

My daughter is 4 years old and is fascinated when I sew something (like a tear in her skirt) quickly on the fly – you know, right there in front of her. I am certainly not particularly good at sewing, but I’ve long been grateful for my mom, both grandmas, my middle school Home Ec classes and a handful of other people throughout my childhood showing me how to sew.

For a starter sewing experience, I got a plastic needle, some ribbon, a couple of pieces of crafting foam, and a hole punch. We made a “purse” for her. The idea was to get her used to some of the basics of sewing (passing a needle through the work, holding the two pieces of the string as she pulled it taut, and threading the needle). She did all of the “sewing” and I took care of the knots at the start and the end while she watched. It is simplistic and basic, but she’s proud of it and excited about trying some more sewing. We’re looking forward to decorating it with markers and stickers. Maybe next time we’ll try using the plastic needle with yarn and some knit or crocheted work.

Immy's first sewing project.

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