November already?!

My goodness! October was like trying to run a marathon at a sprint pace… okay, I have no idea what I’m talking about there – I do not run. At all. If a something or someone was chasing me, it would take about 3 milliseconds to catch me and that would be that. But it is how I imagine it would feel (actually, to be entirely accurate, I imagine I would likely be hospitalized by mile 3 of a very slow paced run, so October wasn’t that bad). But it was busy.

After what seemed to be about 253 birthday parties to attend (OK, it was 8, I believe), plus doctor appointments, other appointments, illnesses (the gross kind – ugh!), and I can’t even recall what else (but there was more – much more), we capped the month off with a birthday party for my now 4 year old daughter on Saturday and then two days later, we did the neighborhood trick-or-treat… in the pouring rain. My kids had a great time anyway. I felt like a giant sewer rat and that might have been a kind way to describe my look after our 45 minute Halloween stroll.

Speaking of Halloween, my kids are drawn to lollipops like moths to a flame. Are yours? What is it about lollipops that is so irresistible to little kids? I mean, when faced with a bowl full of chocolate bars and licorice and gummies and candies and lollipops, I would pick just about anything but the lollipop… I can’t even remember wanting lollipops as a kid (for Halloween… at the bank or the doctor’s office, of course I wanted that lollipop!). In their plastic pumpkins, my kids have about 94 dum dums, 37 tootsie pops, and precisely 2 blow pops between them. They have a smattering of other candy as well, which I assume is from the houses where they didn’t get to choose or where they didn’t (*gasp*) have any lollipops, but their haul is largely the lollipops. The upside to this is that stealing candy from them pretty much holds zero appeal for me.

We also benefited from the early bedtime of little ones – after 7:30, we headed up to get the kids ready for bed (brushing their teeth, reading books, PJs, etc.) and we placed what remained of the Halloween treats to hand out on the porch. Magically, it was empty when I retrieved it 45 minutes later. While I recognize that maybe one greedy kid cleaned it out, I’m just going to hope it wasn’t so, and really, it is nice that nothing was leftover!

I’ve been enjoying that kind of flow from the universe, lately. It’s been easy to appreciate the world around me, too. The weather has been, for the most part, Halloween rain withstanding, very nice – chilly mornings and warm afternoons. The trees are fiery against brilliant blue skies. Our HOA added some nice trees and plantings in the green next to our home (fantastic!). Also, I rarely leave the house to do something beyond running kids to school or grocery shopping or picking up toilet paper at Target (I work from home, which has big benefits, but hermityness is not one of them – yes I just wrote hermityness), but I did go to the mall one day to get my brows threaded as a special treat for me and just happened to run into a good friend and got have lunch with her. It’s just been lovely, really.

And even the things I’ve been dreading have turned out not so bad. I’ve been trying to avoid the whole “dreading” process, facing difficulties as they come, rather than multiplying them before they even happen and maybe that has helped. Although, I’ll freely admit to being pretty rubbish at this practice, but I’ve been trying. Today, I had a pleasant trip to the NC DMV (you read right – pleasant!). Way to go NC DMV! I had to renew my driver’s license and made an appointment for 10am. I showed up and immediately was suspicious, since none of the lines were labeled “License Renewal.” Indeed, after inquiring, I was told I was at the wrong location and needed to be at the DMV 10 minutes away. Oh well. I drove to the other DMV  and waited in a line behind 3 other people for about four minutes. I was told I’d get a ticket with a number and to go to the booth where I was directed when the number was called. During this instruction, my number was called. I didn’t even have the ticket yet! I went straight to the booth, sat down, took a 2 minute eye sight and street sign recognition test, paid my $32, and was told to have a seat in some green chairs until I was called. I waited all of two minutes. After that, I sat down on the photo chair, and within a minute I was walking out the door with a temporary license and a paper that explained my new license would arrive in the mail within two weeks. How efficient and awesome is that?! I told the DMV people how great it was. I’ve never experienced anything like that at a DMV before. Any sense of dread I had ahead of time was a complete waste of time, emotion, and effort on my part. Just goes to show, right?

Now I’ll end this rambling, insanely long verbal diarrhea of a post with one recommendation: Downton Abbey – watch it! It is fabulous! It’s PBS, but season one is available on Netflix streaming. Season 2 starts in January on PBS.


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