Boo boos

We’ve had a spate of boo boos in our house – nothing serious – just the usual stuff with a couple of little kids running around – scraped knees and the like. About a month ago, my nearly four year old ran head first into the corner of a piece of furniture and managed to get herself a big ol’ goose egg and an opportunity to get herself medical-grade glued. The glue has done its job and she is fully healed.

My DIY cool packs - cute, right? Hope the kids will like them, too!

In the moment, when she cracked her head and the lump was growing we grabbed the lunchbox coolpack and wrapped it in a kitchen towel. It worked okay, but she complained it was hard and too cold (she was also hurt, so that probably added to the issue). I’d been eyeing up those cute ice packs they sell at the store with Elmo or Disney Princesses and such on them for a long while, but never felt like I could pull the trigger – it just seemed like a lot of cash for something so tiny. While my daughter was crying, my cheaping out seemed like a pretty crapola move.

Then I saw this awesome Boo Hoo Owl tutorial on Simply Jenna and thought maybe the answer was to DIY the boo boo coolpack (how cute is that owl?!). Add to that, I found an out-of-date package of flax seeds in my freezer and some lavender in my cupboard… so when I found a free hour, I went for it.

Filler for the coolpacks. Rice would work well, too, but my rice wasn't the out of date item in my kitchen.

But the truth is, I didn’t think I had it in me to tackle the owl or any other cute animal, but the cute animal would definitely help clear the tears in the event of injury. Then I remembered I had a few cute bibs that are no longer in use. So I sewed some scrap cotton to the back. I simply pinned the right sides together and sewed all but 2 inches around the perimeter. Then I turned the cover right-side-out and used a piece of paper as a funnel to fill the cool pack with the flax seeds. Then I just pinned and hand stitched the opening closed. Done! And it cost next to nothing (scrap cotton and upcycled bib plus out of date seeds). I think it looks cute – hopefully the kids will agree!

The bib worked better than I expected - the edging gave it a really finished feel with no extra effort on my part.Since I had a little additional scrap fabric I made a pink heart (which is admittedly wonky) and a little rectangle in a polka dot print. One of the things that I love about the Boo Hoo Owl tutorial is the idea that you can choose to stuff one side with, say, cotton batting, and the other with rice or seeds, so that one side is cool for the boo boo and the other is not so cool for holding. For the upcycled bib version, the bib is thick and I chose not to stuff it with fill. For the heart, one side is satin and the other is furry, fuzzy fabric, so I didn’t add a second compartment there either, but I did add lavender (it smells divine!). But for the polka dot coopack, I added some fleece as a liner on one side (no batting or fill).

Is it awful that I can’t wait to show the kids these? I mean, I don’t want any injuries, but, when there is one, and I’ve already anointed it with magic, healing kisses (I love that part of being a mom!), then I’ll be so proud to pull one of the little boo boo packs out of the freezer. (I think I might be stealing the delicious smelling heart for my own tired eyes now and then.) 

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One Response to Boo boos

  1. what a great idea, jade! I am so impressed by your craftiness (craftitude? craftiliciousness?).

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