“I want candy!”

First, before I get to the subject of today’s post, I was trying to wait to post on the throw pillows I’ve been sewing, but um, it might be a while… I have made progress, but I am forecasting very little additional progress for the next few weeks as they are looking scary busy.

So in the meantime, let me explain to you a little something about how absolutely dimwitted I can be.

I got the great idea to use a few glass jars and some Halloween candy to decorate our mantel (thanks for the idea, Pinterest people)… I was super happy with how nicely it turned out. I added a few giant, hairy-legged spiders for good measure and was patting myself on the back for being all good-mommy with the decorating for a holiday and doing it in a timely fashion.

The first thing my toddler noticed was the trio of giant spiders (“bidah! bidah!”), but he was easily soothed. Several days passed. All was well. And then came a day when I decided I’d let the kids have a couple of M & Ms each. Huge, giant, enormous, idiot move. What’s worse is I dug those bad boys out in full view of the kids. Seconds after my 20 month old finished eating his M & Ms, it started.

“I wan canny.”

“I. wan. canny.”

“I WAN canny.”

Then he grabbed my finger and tried to wrench me off the couch. “C’mon.” “C’mon.”

I made the mistake of following him and he led me, not surprisingly to the mantel. I’m pretty sure he took my following him as a cause for hope.

“I wan canny!”



Cue the screaming, tantruming, and general toddler hysteria. We literally left the house to distract him (and to purchase much needed tissues, as my husband and I have the crud).

And then I did something even more moronic. I left the jars there. On the mantel. Where they had been.

And so, just have a guess at what happened today… yep, you know it – “I WAN CANNY!”

No “canny” was distributed.

My current plan: I’m going to push the boundaries of idiocy and keep my purdy Halloween decorations in tact and in plain sight. I do not intend to provide the little munchkins with any of the decorative candy from the jars ever again. We’ll see how long it takes for the little one to give up on candy… or for me to give up on my decorations. Yeah, I know my odds ain’t good.

UPDATE (Thursday, Spetember 29th): I got several candy requests early this morning, but the afternoon has passed, thus far, without any such begging.  Also, in case, like me, you have the song stuck in your head: The Strangeloves: I want candy.

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2 Responses to “I want candy!”

  1. this sounds exactly like something i would do — I love it!

    • dreadedjaws says:

      Thanks, Anne! Lately, my “best” ideas have serious flaws… and the kids seem to be programmed to find any and all said flaws and point them out…. relentlessly. So very glad I passed my stubbornness down to each of them, but it sure keeps me in check!

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