Pretty, pretty pictures

Way back when it was spring, we attended an annual fund-raiser event for my daughter’s preschool. It featured a silent auction. I entered a bid for a family photography session and won! A couple of months later, we spent a fun morning at the Raleigh Arboretum with the lovely and very talented Laura of Beasknees Photography.

Around the same time, we noticed a Groupon for Canvas on Demand: $35 for a complete gallery-wrapped photo (we’ve seen this deal repeat fairly regularly, so if you are in the market for a canvas, try watching for the deal on Groupon – it’s a Raleigh based company, but you need not be in Raleigh to take advantage). We bought two. Naturally, we chose a couple of photos from our photo session. We were very pleased with the quality of the canvases, which we decided were just the thing to replace the store-bought, random art on our living room walls.

We hung them and were immediately impressed with how differently the room felt. Just changing those two little things made such a impact and it inspired me to (finally) embark on a living room refresh project.

We still like the overall colors of our house (they are inspired by our favorite place: the beach) and we don’t have the time or money to devote to a complete make-over, but our living room has been pretty much the same for almost 5 years (save for the multiplying toys), and I think we’d grown tired of it. I had, anyway.

So our pretty pictures set me off on a mission. I’ve found inspiration from other blogs and websites and I’m about half way through the whole thing. Look for more posts coming soon on each part of the refresh project (and photos!).

Do you have any favorite ways to change up a space quickly and cheaply?

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