Bam! Boof! Clang! Pow!

It’s been quite a ride for the last couple weeks.  We were mid-trip when I posted the last post and I’d intended to do another (I even wrote a lot of a draft of it), but then it all kept coming at us!  It was good and it was not-so-good stuff, but it was rapid-fire for certain.

Some stats on our trip: we drove 1,917 miles with our two kids in the car and it was actually pretty enjoyable. We think our kids travel (by car) pretty well and we are so grateful for that! We passed through 10 states plus the District of Columbia on our trip (NC, VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, and MA).  We stopped at 2 beaches in CT, a casino (yeah, with the kids, but we didn’t go on the gambling floor), a zoo (Providence), a children’s museum (Boston), 3 days of wedding festivities, 2 visits with my ailing Grandpa, one kiddie amusement park, and 3 hotels plus 2 overnight stops at my parents (thanks, Mom and Dad!).  We dealt with late night parties infringing on early bedtimes, power outages, a bout of Hand Foot and Mouth, a cold, a sinus infection, pink eye (and possibly worse, the eye drops that had to be administered), an earthquake (I was literally 54 miles from the epicenter and in the process of pumping gas when it hit – I nearly crapped my pants when the pump swayed wildly and appeared it might pin me against the car – yeah, I am not a candidate for moving to, say California), and a death (I love you, Grandpa – thank you for so many amazing memories – you are missed and will always be loved).

Yesterday we enjoyed a forced lazy day in the house (thanks to Irene). We were lucky – we had no more than a bit of rain and some windy weather. My daughter chose to make our own rainbow (cakes). It was one of those things I’d pinned on Pinterest and it was just the day to try them (you can find the link I’d repinned here – we had reasonable success, but the cake colors did run a bit (more tie dye, than rainbow) and we had to bake a lot longer than listed to get the bottom to fully finish, but it tasted good and the kids were happy).

Tonight we’re having Lazyagna for dinner (that would be frozen cheese ravioli, layered with a 1/2 lb of ground beef (seasoned with crushed red pepper, fennel seed, oregano, and sage), a jar of tomato sauce, and grated cheese, baked at 350 until hot through and the cheese is gooey).

I’ve got a few posts planned, but of course, we are facing the start of pre-school (and subsequent change in my work schedule). And then there’s our trip to (back) PA for my Grandpa’s memorial services (we’ll let you know how the air travel goes with the two munchkins).  So, hopefully, I will get back to posting more frequently soon. Thanks for bearing with me!

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