Make an Art Deco Style Bracelet

This is an exceedingly simple and quick bracelet to put together, but it doesn’t look it.

super easy 1930s look bracelet

What you’ll need:

flat spacer beads (enough to wrap around your wrist)
sterling silver round beads
Accu Flex clear beading wire (two lengths of approximately 9-10″ (better to have to trim than to run out)
8 x clear seed beads
4 x large clear seed beads
2 x #2 crimp beads
2 x jump rings
1 lobster clasp
wire cutters
two pliers

Slip the two beading wires through a crimp bead and a jump ring and bend them back through the crimp bead leaving a loop in the wires about half the size of the jump ring; squeeze the crimp bead with a crimper or pliers so that the wires will not move.  Thread two of the large clear seed beads onto both wires, then thread two seed beads onto each of the wires. Next start the overall pattern of threading one sterling silver bead onto each wire then a spacer bead (these have 2 channels, one for each wire), and repeat until the bracelet is the appropriate length.  Finish by threading one sterling silver bead on each wire, two seed beads on each wire and then two larger seed beads onto both wires.  Slip a crimp bead, followed by a jump ring onto the two wires and bend them around and back through the crimp bead. Adjust the wire loop and crimp the crimp bead.  Trim any excess beading wire and tuck ends into the glass beads next to the crimp beads.  Twist open one of the jump rings using the two pliers, slide on the lobster clasp, and twist the jump ring closed again. You’re done!

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