Beach-inspired Beaded Bracelet

Waves of sparkling sandy crystal beads weave between turquoise round beads.

You’ll need:

two ~9-10″ lengths of Accu Flex Beading Wire
one ~25″ length of Accu Flex Beading Wire
enough larger turquoise (or whatever color floats your boat) beads to wrap around your wrist (I used 16)
enough crystal beads to create the waves around each large bead (you might need to check what fits best – I used 64 x 6mm round crystal beads)
2 x #2 or #3 crimp beads
2 x jump rings
one toggle clasp set
wire cutter
2 pliers

Thread a crimp bead onto the three wires. Loop the wires through a jump ring and back through the crimp bead, pulling them evenly to form a loop about the size of the jump ring or slightly smaller. Use a crimper or pliers to crimp the bead well and check that none of the wires slips when tugged.

Start by threading a turquoise bead onto the two shorter wires.  Thread four crystal beads onto the long wire then pass the long wire in between the two shorter wires. Thread another turquoise bead onto the two shorter wires and another four crystals on the long wire.  Ensure the long wire stays taut.  Repeat until the bracelet is long enough to wrap around your wrist.  Finish by threading all three wires through a crimp bead and a jump ring.  Using pliers, bend the wires back through the crimp bead and adjust the wire loops evenly and crimp the bead using a crimper or pliers.  Twist open each of the jump rings and slip on the toggle on one ring and the loop on the other, then twist the jump rings closed.  All done!

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