Strawberry Fools Forever

This is another recipe slightly modified, but primarily lifted from South Beach SuperQuick Cookbook.  It’s a big hit with the kids and it’s so simple and quick and scrumptious!

Faux Strawberry Fool

1.5 cups low- or no-fat plain greek yogurt 
2 tsp light agave syrup, plus or minus to taste
5 oz/1 cup frozen whole strawberries, not in syrup or sugar or juice 
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup whipped topping, optional – I prefer real whipped cream which is admittedly higher fat, but doesn’t have a list of strange ingredients  

In a food processor, pulse, to break up the frozen strawberries, add 1tsp of the agave syrup, then process until smooth.  Do this before dinner or while making dinner so you can leave the strawberries for about 25-30 minutes to thaw.

Right before serving, place the yogurt, remaining agave syrup, and the vanilla extract in a bowl and whisk by hand until smooth and blended.  You can then add the optional whipped cream or topping and whisk or, alternatively, use it to top your dessert at the end.  Process the strawberries briefly.  Divide the yogurt into 4 bowls and then top with the strawberries.  Swirl the strawberries into the yogurt.  Top with whipped cream, if desired.

I love that this is a pretty darned healthy dessert that tastes like a full-fledged indulgent one.  It’s also gorgeous to look at; my daughter loves mixing it up to make her dessert go from red and white swirls to all pink.  Also, it could be made any time of the year, which is fantastic.  The actual hand-on time is less than 5 minutes.  Hard to beat that!

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