Tastes Like Summer

And so it is the middle of summer. Here in Raleigh, this translates to hot and humid. Every. single. day. When we first moved to town 6 years ago we fully embraced the ‘tropical’ feel and raved about how wonderful it was to ‘feel like we were on vacation every day!’ That was when we were in air conditioned offices day in and day out and only sat outside in the evenings (not cool, but minus the sun portion of the unrelenting sun+humidity combo that midday serves up).  We also did not have children, so being outside on the weekend could easily mean reclining with a book and a nice cold drink.

Still, I love that our winters are mild and that we do have such great ‘pool weather’ (even if it’s really more usually ‘$3 sprinkler in the back yard weather’ at our house). I really enjoy living in Raleigh and I do like that stepping out the door onto my patio at 10pm in summer feels like I’m stepping out on the balcony in some tropical island (heat-and-humidity-wise, not ocean-view and tropical-foliage-wise).

While we no longer lounge on the weekends, but rather race after the kids, it’s always nice to have a treat to beat the heat.  Although now it is more often something we can share with the kiddos.  Ice cream, ice pops and fro-yo are, of course, all well and good. But I recently decided I needed to do something about the extra pounds I carry (this is no 5, 10 or even 20 pounds of ‘mommy weight’ – this is more substantial in nature and I’ll probably write about it at some point, but suffice to say, it’s going to take some serious, long-haul dedication to get to a healthier, more energetic me).  I also like to feed the kids things that I feel have some redeeming value… (most of the time… sometimes the just for fun is the redeeming value).

So, I was seriously excited when I came across the Lemon Sherbet recipe (which I modified) in the South Beach Super Quick Cookbook.  Even better, it got a great reception from the entire family – both kids, my husband and I liked it a lot.  It was simple to boot!

Delicious Lemon-Limeade Sherbet

In a large bowl add:

2 cups buttermilk
the zest of one lemon and two limes
the juice of one lemon and two limes
1/3 cup Agave syrup

Whisk together then pour into a readied ice cream maker and follow manufacturer’s instructions (for me that is 25 minutes of processing).  Then serve for a softer consistency or place in the freezer for a harder sherbet.

The sherbet was cold, refreshing, very fruity, just creamy enough, and quite pretty with the little yellow and green flecks of zest throughout. Super for anyone, on a diet or not!

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